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Road Not Taken Films is a full-service, creative post production company focused on creativity, speed, and our clients’ individual needs. We work with a talented team of filmmakers and artists to insure that every project is executed with passion and attention to detail.

Based in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, we have diverse clients from around the world. Whether your project is corporate, narrative, branding, documentary, commercial, or music video, we can help you tell the best version of your story.

Award Winning

Documentary Filmmaking

We went to the remote reaches of the Peruvian Andes for our client, BeAlive. There, we filmed 14-year-old Tyler Armstrong and his father, Kevin, attempt to summit a 19,675′ peak in the Cordillera Blanca called Tocllaraju.

During production, we had to shooters with a multitude lof lightweight gear to get the job done. Per the client’s request, the film in its entirety and the BTS were edited within three months upon returning from Peru.

Currently, Reaching for the Andes has been accepted into six film festivals, and has won awards for Best Short Documentary and Best Cinematography.